Port information



Kherson port is located on the right high riverside of the Dnieper, 25 km from the Dnieper estuary and 95 km from the Black Sea. The area used for cargo operations is 8 hectares. The length of 4 cargo docs is more than 600 meters and are open for entry of vessels up to 200 m in length, draft up to 7.6 m in vapid water. The total length of the railway in the port territory is 3.2 km. To carry out loading and unloading operations at the berths and in the rear of the enterprise, there are 14 port cranes with a lifting capacity of 5-10 tons, and also has a large fleet of small mechanization equipment (forklifts, bucket loaders, port tractors, bulldozers, tractors, etc.). Weighing complexes located in the port allow weighing cargoes arriving both by road and from railway transport. The port has its own certified grain laboratory. The port also has 6 floating cranes with a lifting capacity of 15 to 150 tons and 12 barges

Port of Kherson is the only seaport on the Dnieper and has the best infrastructure for transshipment of general, bulk and bulk cargo in the maritime of Kherson. The port operates around the clock throughout the year without stopping, including in winter, during the ice campaign. Currently, the port is capable of handling up to 3 million tons of various cargo per year.

In addition to its main activity, Port of Kherson also provides additional services for the extraction and shipment of sand, services of floating cranes, including their long-term lease and tugboat services.

Characteristics of hydraulic structures, open storage areas and covered warehouses.

Open storage areas

NameTotal area, sq.m.Location of SCM
Open warehouse № 13804berth №5
Open warehouse № 24240berth №6
Open warehouse № 32272rear berth №6
Open warehouse № 41230rear berth №5
Open warehouse № 51550rear berth №5
Open warehouse № 62640rear berth №4
Open warehouse № 71621rear berth №4
Open warehouse № 9413rear berth №3
Open warehouse № 10381rear berth №3
Open warehouse № 11690rear berth №2-3
Open warehouse № 12910rear berth №2


NameTotal area, sq.m.Usable area, m2
Storage №31620,61620,6
Storage №41407,41407,4
Storage №520102003,7
Storage №62007,62007,6
Storage №2 (hangar)447,9427
The building of the refrigerator warehouse is metal4461,84238,9


NameTotal area, sq.m.Usable area, m2
Grain reloading complex on the regime territory1124,1901,6


NameThe length of the berth, m.p.
Berth №2106,5
Berth №3100
Berth №4200,15
Berth №5194