Sand mining

Port of Kherson is the largest sand mining in Ukraine.

Sand has been mined from the Shabovsky field of the Golopristansky locality of the Kherson region since 1989. The permissible draft at the loading point is 2.8 meters, which makes it possible to accept for loading a «river-sea» type vessel with a carrying capacity of up to 3 thousand tons.

According to GOST 8736-85 "Construction sands", the sand of the Shabovsky field refers to the group of very fine sands. The composition of the sand is mono-mineral, quartz without harmful impurities. The chemical composition, in accordance with mineralogical, is also uniform and is characterized by the content of silicon oxide.

The sand of the field is useful for all types of construction without restrictions. It is especially widely used for road construction and the production of building materials (silicate concrete, aerated concrete, silicate pressed products), as well as reclamation, landscaping and planning.